Faith @ Home

The Christian faith is not just taught on Sunday mornings in worship and Sunday School. It is also caught and taught at home through discussions at the table, play and discovery time, devotional and study time, and even in times of annoyance and conflict. Here are some resources that we hope you find useful in your home and in your walk of faith.

Online Bible Studies at Grace

We would like to invite you to any of the following studies that have been woven into the fabric of life at Grace. For more information about how to attend, please contact Pastor Eggold or the Director of Christian Education (DCE), Brian Pike. Contact information can be found on the Staff page of our website.

If you have an idea for a class that you would like to see happen or might be willing to lead online, let our DCE know and he’ll be glad to help you set it up.

Weekly Resources - September 27 (17th Sunday After Pentecost)

For General Use at Home
For Pre-School and Elementary
For Jr. and Sr. High Students
For Adults

Other Useful Resources

For Daily Devotions
For General Use