Looking Forward to Sunday: Triune God, Triune Church

Rev. Daniel Eggold

Jun 1, 2020


Genesis 1:1—2:4a; Psalm 8; Acts 2:14a, 22–36; Matthew 28:16–20

Orbital Journey by James Fissel.

     On this Trinity Sunday, we hear Jesus' final words to his disciples. They are words of sending, command, and blessing. They include the great promise, comfort, and empowerment: "I am with you always, to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20).

     The rest of Jesus' message is all about what happens until the end of the age. In the meantime, the church is active in sharing the good news, baptizing, and teaching the way of Jesus. This is done at Jesus' command and under his authority with people of all nations. The word "nations" doesn't quite capture the breadth of what Jesus means. The actual term in Greek is more expansive, including all ethnicities and cultures. The church is not a blank, monochromatic sheet of paper. Instead, the church is a colorful patchwork quilt of people pieced together, stitched together, and united in Christ's love.

     Sunday we celebrate that we know God as Trinity. The Trinity serves as a model for the life of the church: God is not one-dimensional, but multifaceted. The Trinity is not monochromatic, but rather a swirling, colorful dance. There is no division in the Trinity. There is an indwelling of the Spirit, the gentle authority of Christ, and the blessing of the Father.

     In a world that is often polarized and divided, Christians are called to live beyond borders and division. The church is to be a gathering of peoples made up of every type of human distinction. By gathering all varieties of people into Christ, we live into the embodied reality of our triune God. May we be emboldened to do so, knowing that we are accompanied and empowered by our Savior "to the end of the age."


Almighty and everlasting God, You have given us grace to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity by the confession of a true faith and to worship the Unity in the power of the Divine Majesty. Keep us steadfast in this faith and defend us from all adversities; for You, O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, live and reign, one God, now and forever. Amen.